Mission Statement


Continuity is a non-profit expanding diversity in media production through skills-based training, mentoring and opportunities for untapped talent.



Vision Statement

We envision a future where our media, film, and broadcasting industries reflect the diversity of the neighborhoods they document, starting first in St. Louis.

We believe all should have access to the hands on, skills based training and education necessary to make quality media. These programs should meet the candidates where they are at and build on the resources they already have.

Those who have gone before them should be there to lend a helping hand through mentorship as they learn the ropes.

We see a city with flourishing arts, dynamic and honest journalism, and those making a living wage from their talents. The media industry will become a place where the best of the best, no matter where you come from, rise to the top.

In the end, there would be a community of media makers supporting and encouraging all who sincerely and wholeheartedly want to get involved.


The team thus far...