Meet Our Participants


Marcus Wilborn

joined our Media Training program to gain a fresh look at storytelling in media. A current Audio/Visual teacher at a local high school, he has always had a love of creating thanks to television’s influence. He teaches primarily in theatre production and tv/radio broadcasting, however he’s interested now in learning skills for the writing of visual storytelling. Marcus constantly seeks self improvement--as a teacher, as a father, as a husband, and as a Christian--so he is interested in what our program can teach him. Marcus enjoys analyzing media, such as music, films, or TV shows, so he can break them down to figure out what makes them work or not work. If he’s not doing that he’s spending time with his family who also serve as another source of support and inspiration for him.  With Marcus’s ability to keep a calm perspective we know he’ll be able to achieve his dream of finishing his novel and enhancing his writing skills.




Maurice or Mo is the former drummer of two bands that traveled across the nation. He joined our Media Training program to help him achieve his dream of making a film that plays in theatres nationwide. Mo does his best to emulate his late father’s passionate motivation and ready smile for others as that serves as a source of inspiration for him. He loves to reach out to friends and strangers alike to cheer them up. Inspired by a Cardinal’s Fan Appreciation day from his childhood, Mo especially enjoys reaching out to young kids to help encourage them to keep chasing their dreams. Due to graduate in May with a degree in Mass Communications, Mo keeps hard at work with various jobs and hobbies such as gaming, writing, and watching movies. Mo’s brain never shuts off, and he always has a joke or a project he’s working on. We cannot wait to see what Mo creates after this project, and we especially hope that his film goes worldwide and he can go to Australia someday.


"Chloe"Musau Onwubiko 

joined our Media Training Program to hone her technical skills to enable her to show her artistic vision worldwide. Chloe lists amongst her inspirations women such as Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae, who’ve both shown realistic views of African Americans lives and cultures in their works. Chloe is currently working towards developing her own web series and hopes to eventually own a production company so she can encourage future generations. Chloe likes to inspire others via communicating what she’s learned from conversations to help change how they view the world.“Providing a different lens for others to see the world through would be what inspires me to help make some kind of a difference.”With her worldwide experience and her Canon T3i along with her unique introverted extrovert view on the world, we hope to see great things from Chloe in the future.



Chris Hill

draws inspiration from his faith in Jesus as a changing force in his life. A business owner, Chris hopes to improve his videography skills from our Media Training program to implement that in his videography business. Chris’s creativity was fueled by oral stories on the radio growing up and he loves music as well. Chris wants to leave a legacy for his children so that they have options as adults. Chris wants to make an autobiography documentary film as he thinks his life story could serve as inspiration for others who were like him. He formerly had a record deal but now dreams of being on in a hammock on a beach to create in solitude. Chris works to promote change in himself and others, and we cannot wait to see the path his creating takes him moving forward.



Kielah Harbert

believes in community and the change that can come from exchanging and respecting other people’s values. She joined our Media Training Program so she can gain tools to help create impactful and lasting change for not just her communities but the world. She draws on inspiration from her grandmother, a woman Kielah only heard say “I can’t” once, despite her grandmother being paralyzed and forcibly wheelchair bound after an incident with the police. She appreciates the strength her grandmother shows on the regular and shares her love for fishing. Kielah dreams big and seeks to constantly innovate instead of working with what’s the current standard. One way she does so is to “Dream big and think about ideas in its most truest form.” With her dynamic personality and community-focused goals, we expect to see great things of Kielah in the future.




Sharee wants to change the world one person at a time. Inspired by SistaKeeper’s founder, Tracie Berry-McGhee, Sharee seeks to help inspire others to realize their full potential and talents after they’ve healed from past trauma. Artistic and hopeful, Sharee joined our Media Training Program to help achieve her goals of reaching others through films and TV. Promoting healing and recovery is one of Sharee’s biggest goals in her creative endeavours. Sharee currently is a freelancer writer and works as an administrative assistant at a local TV production company. She has huge dreams and is excited about this new chapter in her life’s journey. With her vision of hope, love, and healing, we know we’ll see big things from Sharee in the future.


Kath Vandenberg

Kath’s biggest inspiration is Big Bird thanks to the valued connections and lessons he taught her as a child and the impact he still has today. Artistic and empathetic, Kath has joined our Media Training Program to expand her skills. Inspired by differences in perspective, Kath loves talking with others and learning new things from youth and elderly alike. She enjoys seeing random acts of kindness and loves leaving people with a smile on their face. Kath enjoys traveling and dreams of seeing a crane migration. Cranes are seen as unifying symbol worldwide, and so Kath sees them as a symbol of hope and love. Kath loves how the conservation efforts on their behalf are helping both communities and the environment. Kath is currently working on her Master in Art Therapy Counseling and hopes to someday be an artist-in-residence. We can’t wait to see what Kath goes on to create after this program.



Alana Flowers

Alana Flowers is a social worker, natural hair blogger, thrift & vintage store owner, and mother to the lovely Addyson. Alana originally wanted to be behind the scenes in the media industry, but now her focus has shifted to being on both sides of the camera. She’s thrilled to be part of our Media Training Program for the chance it’ll give her to improve her skills. While Alana has a bucket list of goals, she has one that stands above the rest: helping people heal from trauma at an earlier age instead of in adulthood. When she was sixteen, Alana wanted to be a lawyer, but now as a MBSW she’s working to help marginalized youth gain access to college. Inspired by her family, Alana seeks to pay homage to deceased relatives as thanks to their impact on her life. Their spirits and memories serve as continuous inspiration to her as she works towards her goals. With her kind heart and charming personality, we know we’ll hear about Alana doing incredible things in the future.