Help Expand the future of media production

Address the disparities and lack of equity in the film and media production industry.

There are many talented minority filmmakers/media artists  who do not have access to programs or degrees they need to be successful in the film industry and produce impactful and quality works.



We envision a future


where our media,


and broadcasting industries

reflect the diversity of the neighborhoods they document, starting first in St. Louis.


The Journey

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Changing the Industry, One Artist at a Time

From our independent research of over 20 companies and 400 employees, we found less than 2% of the media industry in St. Louis is African-American which is the largest minority in the metro area making up approximately 18% of the metro area. Through meeting with various production companies in this study, the information we received was that they wanted more diversity in their companies but weren’t getting the qualified applicants.

With every year, Continuity is creating a network of diverse qualified media production professionals. As Continuity grows, companies are moving away from saying they want more diversity but instead, actually have it.



Lack of diversity and equity in the media and film production industry.



Providing underrepresented filmmakers with free training to gain employment in the media/film production industry.


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